Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Q-Link Review

I learned about the Q-link through endorsements by Robert Bruce and Ken Wilbur. 

Basically it is a pendant that uses what they are calling SRT, or Sympathetic Resonance Technology, to help cleanse, regulate, and shield the bodies bio-field. This is even supposed to help protect from exposure to lots of  Electromagnetic Frequencies that your are exposed to by sitting in front of a computer writing blog posts and books. If you go to the website you will see all kinds of "science" behind this. I havent done the background work to follow up on them all yet. 

The Q link basically consists of a "resonating wafter" that some critics claim is nothing more than a Zero ohm resistor, and a very tightly wound copper induction coil. There  are no electronics because the wafer and coil are supposed to work off of the bodies bio-field - what I would call the Etheric Body. 

In general I am pretty skeptical of this kind of product. I was struck however by the reviews from some people I respect, and also noted that the BBC did a story on it that seemed to verify its claims with a blood study. Golf Magazine named it product of the year a couple years ago, so I was intrigued enough to get one. Rather than get the resin triangle ones with a big Q in the middle, I went for one of the sterling silver ones with the cool gold pattern in the middle of the copper coil. 

I got mine on Saturday and have been wearing it nonstop since except when I am in the shower. 

Despite being somewhat skeptical that this was going to do anything, I noticed the effect on my subtle body immediately. For the first hour or so I could literally feel it trying to tune itself to me. 

The morning after getting it I made my coffee as always but forgot to pour it. Usually my headache kicks in or I am just so dogged that coffee is the only think on my mind. It was over an hour later that I realized I had forgotten to pour it. 

Yesterday I started a new, fairly grueling gym regimen. It wasn't any easier than normal, but I have to say that I was more into it and focused than i would normally be. Given the sorry state of my left tricep today, I probably meditated my way a bit past what I should have attempted. 

Usually I dont like to wear much around my neck for long because it gives me headaches. Though it is by no means heavy, the Q link has not resulted in such a headache, or even made itself noticeable at all. 

I did a sort of inner body traveling last night, where I collapse my consciousness down into a pearl and travel the channels of the body cleansing them and healing them. There was less cleansing that needed to be done in the energy running to and from the major organs. Also the belt channels seemed to be strengthened, almost like the Q link provides a second layer over them. 

I am known to carry different amulets and talismans at different times, but only two that I never leave home without: my Mala and a Phurba*. It's only been three days but I am pretty sure that the Q link is going to be a third constant companion. 

To quote Ferris Bueller : "If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up."

*When you absolutely positively need to "liberate" every last being in the room, accept no substitute!


C-Style said...

I surely need something to boost my energy levels. Do you think it would be advantageous to get one for someone suffering from a serious illness?

Jason Miller, said...

Probably. I wouldnt wait for any miracle cures from it, but it might help.

Ron said...

It is really hard for me to see this as anything other than 21st Century snake oil. It is pretty early and your reports are mostly subjective and/or might be the result of the placebo effect. However, some long term results that are objective and verifiable might begin to change my prejudices against this product.

Jason Miller, said...

Well, you could say that about almost anything regarding magical effects.

Their website has a lot of collaborating reports, including independent studies from the BBC who I am sure would love to have crucified the product. That saidm I have not researched every professor that they quote.

Anyway, as I said, I consider it a piece of techno magic.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this isn't too far off topic.

Do you travel with your Phurba(in particular, plane travel)?

If so, how do you deal with airport secuirty?

Is it a pretty small Phurba?

Frater A.I.T. said...

Well...I deeply respect Robert Bruce and his methods, and it's nice to hear from another respected fellow that he's not involved in quackery. Thanks for the review.

It's interesting that magicians have no problem believing that painted clay can contain magical properties, but greet this sort of thing with automatic derision...

Ron said...

I freely admit to being one who puts more stock in magick than in devices such as this. In my experience, the best healing successes came from magick and/or group focus. The technological contraptions just seemed better at transferring money than in healing. I truly hope I am wrong about the Q-Link. I have much respect for Jason based on his excellent books and coursework. I look forward to further field reports about this item in the future.

Jason Miller, said...

Aww c'mon. It's gotta be magic. Everybody knows that there is no such thing as science.