Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Expectation and Observation

Last week I had a conversation with a guy who mainly comes from a background of energy and astral work. I There is much room in the system that he uses for higher mystical states, transpersonal experiences, non-dual experiences and such. His opinion was that people who have such experiences are actually just mistaking an energetic and spirit process for something more. I had pointed out that if you only look for what you know or accept, than you will only find what you know and accept. The exact quote, if I remember it correctly was:

"We have looked at people on the astral who are claiming to have these intense spiritual or mystical experiences and all that is happening is that their angel is empowering them and they are moving their energy around."

I am sure that what they are seeing IS happening. What they are watching though is a reaction to the experience, not the cause of the experience. During an intense mystical experience the subtle body and associated spiritual powers on the physical, etheric, astral, soul, and mental levels all have a reaction.

Materialists who study these phenomena will notice an increase in Alpha and Theta waves in the brain during these experiences. They will also notice blood flowing away from the parietal lobe, which determines personal boundaries, and into the frontal lobe which controls analysis. Materialists will point to these changes and say:

"Aha! See, there is nothing spiritual going on here. This is just chemistry!".

Again, these are reactions to an experience, not the experience itself, but because the materialist wants a material explanation for everything, they are cling to this as the explanation.

The problem is that when you look at porn your brain also makes changes in waves and blood flow. That doesn't mean that the porn isn't really there on your screen. It just means that your brain is reacting to seeing the porn. You filthy deviants...

It is the same case for the energy/astral worker. He is trained to work in a certain strata and when he sees something happen on that level, he can be quick to dismiss any dimension of that experience that does not fit his view.

So, the lesson I want to get accross here is to always be open to the idea that you are not seeing everything. If you think you have the whole thing mapped out, you are probably wrong. Try to keep in mind that there is not only more than you know, but more than you can know.

Also, try to remember to delete your internet history every now and then...


Gordon said...

Good god, you rock my world.

Spiritual advice and hilarious porn references. Love your work.

Also, Firefox has a convenient 'start private browsing' mode... You know, I've heard.

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joven said...

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Anonymous said...

I think I agree with you. I've had similar experiences with realms that I had not read of before and after the experience found information of them. I take the try / follow the magick path then compare it later.

I've also had experiences that were completely ridiculous. For example, during a session with three people working on me I had a sudden buck as energy was released from my body. I was deep, deep and away and I bucked like a fish out of water. What I was seeing?

Wolverine (X-men).

Mike said...

I agree with the post here that porn is all but perception... but porn can blow your mind! Agree?!

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