Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Strategic Sorcery and an Irish Pub

Although the first cycle of the course is still only on lesson 35, a number of people have already achieved the goals that I asked them to set out at the beginning of the course.

Below is a field report from a student:

When I started the class we were given an assignment of writing down a goal we want to
accomplish - I wrote Own and Open an Irish Pub, well... I now own the Limerick Pub and it's set
to open December 2010.

I chuckle at that date because in Feb during the big snows I trudged out into thigh high snow
with a bottle of Guinness. I called to the quarters and spirits who were present. Then I asked
that the Gods I traditionally work with join in. I opened the bottle and did a magic working using
the Guinness as a gift. With the Guinness I drew the sigil you drew in my book. For every line
I poured I said aloud my goal – and toned it. I said “this year I and the business partners will
open the Limerick Pub” - I wasn't more specific so ... the Gods did this year - ok the end of this
year but....this year none the less. It has taught me to be more specific in my requests. Every
morning while beginning my day I would do specific breathing exercises. With a few exhaled
breaths I would say “The Limerick Pub” and think very positive thoughts about the pub. This
kept me focused. At certain times in the months past I lit a candle, with the same tone I used
when I did the snow sigil and re enforced the goal, letting the flame and smoke carry it upwards.
Using tone, breath, fire and candle I kept the goal alive and in the Universe’s consciousness. At
different times I would go to the garden with a bottle of Jamison’s and offer a tot of whiskey
to the land spirits and fair folk to aid in the process. Speaking aloud & hearing my own voice, I
knew others heard it as well. (Being mindful that all who heard weren’t necessarily there to aid
– I took that into account) All the while I kept believing in the workings, believing in the project
and believing in my own power to make this come about.

Because of these workings and beliefs, things have fallen into to place when they needed to be,
people were where they needed to be to help us and things fell out of place or simply did not
happen when it wasn't right. As annoying as this last part was – I can look back and see it was
for the best.

As an example of this, the first location picked out was "perfect" and we were gung-ho for
it - the landlord, we have since learned, is a real son-of-a-gun and that it was good that we
didn't rent from him. We found an even better location with a landlord (Allan) who wants us
to open so he can walk over from his office to the pub for lunch and have a good burger.
The rent is less than we could have imagined. When financing was needed the bank and state
money fell into place when we began talks with Allen on the new location. The gentleman from
the State even commented that working with Allen is a good indicator of success and he is a
good man to rent from. Fair and understanding.

I wanted to let you know that the magic works if you put real intent into it (offerings and working
it daily).

None of us just sat with our hands in our pockets waiting for it to happen. We went out and
made it happen. Believing all the while it would happen. It has happened. Thank you.


I was inspired to do the snow ritual after reading about your snow ritual. I’m glad I did it
because not only could I see it until the mounds of snow melted, but others could see it as
well. It really helped with the focus and determination in realigning my magical thinking.


MARCUS said...

Great post and great work, indeed. Is a sample case of consistency in the working, in the material level and the magickal level, in the pursuing of the goals, congratulations to that person.

By the way, which sigil is that one mentioned in the post? I think the ritual mentioned is the on TSS with Papa Legba, is that right?


Anonymous said...

Wow, a wonderful and inspiring story. This is the kind of thing we need to see more of...more people with stories of their successes with practical magick.

I find that the most challenging part of practical magick for me is...(drumroll please)...being practical. I tend toward the mystical and find that my drive for practical goals flags while my pursuit of esoteric goals is always glowing white hot. Its probably bercause I feel it is so much easier, for me, to accomplish inner-orientated goals.

These kinds of honest testimonials tend to ground me however, making me far more motivated toward making tangible changes in my physical reality/circumstances.

Great work.

Gordon said...

Love it.

Any magic that brings more pubs into the world is good magic.

Miss Sugar said...

Bad ass! I need to work on getting more focused myself.

m said...
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m said...

The sigil I referred to is one that Jason drew personally when he autographed the TSS book I purchased at a class he taught at Delaware PPD.
I find I use that sigil regularly for various works, including meditating on.

MARCUS said...

Hi M, thanks for the reply, and good luck!