Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Naga Vase Do's and Don'ts

I work extensively with Nagas in my own practice but rarely offer their services to clients. If you want to know why, here is a great video from Tsem Rinpoche about working with the Nagas.

Basically, they can be persnickety bastards and if it is one thing that clients love it is not following instructions.


Jow said...

I <3 Tsem Rinpoche so hard. And no naga vases for us!

Jason Miller, said...

Naga Vases are great, you just gotta know how to handle them

Anonymous said...

Very interesting and so different from what has been passing for magickal work in the west for the last few decades with the ever-increasing marriage of psychology with the occult.

I have never been married to the idea that magick equals psychology but the idea is so pernicious in our culture that I find myself thinking in such terms from time to time.

I have been working successfully for the past few months on changing my paradigm but this kind of video is a reminder that all the spirits aren't "in my head."

It isn't that I don't think some of the powers we interact with in magick are tied to our consciousness I am learning, however, that many are not.

Brother Christopher said...

Wow! Those vases are beautiful. I also really love the instruction on how to interact with them, and to understand them. It does alot like handling a snake, or anything that is both powerful and dangerous, like a firearm.

Paul said...

And I'm honored to be one of the few you would trust to handle it with care.

Now, does mine look like that?


Jow said...

Oh, I think both Nagas and their lovely homes are wonderful, but I don't have any place private enough to put one where some human or animal wouldn't disturb it. There are similar qualifications and nessecities for Jinn Magic, which is another reason why it is one of those things I don't do in the house.