Thursday, August 26, 2010

Strategic Sorcery 2 week challenge Field Report.

Here is a field report from a student that decided to take my "2-week challenge" approach to a working aimed at helping them deal with ADHD.

I clipped the actual invocations he used but not because it was secret, just that the piece is long even without them.

Great stuff.

Strategic Sorcery Field report

Desired result: Seek out help from Planetary spirits to find new ways to deal with my ADHD. The ease in which I get distracted by things is a major impediment to my practice.

What ended up happening: Turned into several workings on fear. See Moon entry.

Overall methodology: 2 week planetary working using a combination of invocations and petitions. Main invocations would be to Mercury and Saturn to stabilize my mind. The other planets would be petitioned to uncover parts of myself that need to be worked on and assist Mercury and Saturn with their work.

Opening was the following for all seven rites: Pillar and Spheres, Universal Centering, Zone Offering, Rite of Exorcism, Simple Protection Circle. The work I’ve been doing prior to this has been paying off. The visualization is clear and the aesthetic feel of this setup has gelled. I definitely feel the space clearing out.

Closing was the following for all seven rites: Off-the-cuff license to depart and unwinding of the circle. Included a thank you to the local spirits and inviting them back to their normal abodes. No problems to report here.

Intended real-world work: Real-world work would involve doing research on the latest coping strategies, writing out my thoughts, contemplating the advice given by the spirits and lots of meditation. Meditation has helped a lot in this but I’m not as stable in the practice as I would like to be.

Actual real-world work: Series of situations the spirits plopped right into my lap that forced me to confront my fears. Writing and contemplation did happen but it was more getting thrown off the deep end and having to deal with things. Things are still getting shaken up.


Moon working: August 9th 2010
Day and hour of Moon.

I wanted to work with a minimum of tools as a test for my visualization and energetic ability. The only tools that I used were a wand to assist in laying a boundary and a single candle to read by. The rest was visualization and speech.

Goal: Ask the Spirit of the moon Hasmodai to reveal hidden foundations to my deficit so that I can begin work on them.

Said that I would now listen for any messages from the Moon. Closed my eyes and began to meditate. About thirty seconds in I began hearing a clear voice. Clairaudience seems to be the way that I communicate with spirits from my prior experience working with archangels.

I was expecting to receive dreams or to run across a reference that would leave me further on. Hasmodai had other ideas. I asked for revelation and I got a lecture. My internal fears form the foundation of my symptoms. When my fears are triggered my mind races. If I can deal with the fear then I can really work on the deficit issues. The anxiety that I feel about forgetting to do something because of distraction is more important.

I was told to pray and meditate more. I asked if the Headless Rite was appropriate for prayer and Hasmodai said it was okay but my own prayer would be even better and I should seek connection with divinity through prayer and not just through theurgy.

Then I was told I should talk with the Olympic Spirit Phul about this. This is the second recommendation that I’ve received from a spirit to talk with him. I asked Hasmodai what he would like in return and he said I should offer water to the Moon. I tried doing it mentally but he wants a physical offering.

I thanked Hasmodai and bid him to depart. Since the space was still cleared I thought I would try to contact Phul. I had already memorized his seal. I began meditating and visualized the moon and the seal in bright silver. There was an almost immediate connection.

The attitude that I got from “Phul” was like I was talking to House from House M.D. but just the sardonic side. I faltered a bit at the abruptness and stuttered a bit when I asked him why I contacted him. He said that he wouldn’t teach me his abilities until I became less timid and could state forthrightly what I wanted. He was especially peeved when I said that other spirits had asked me to contact him and was told I should just be bold and frank and not afraid to ask for things. This advice is spot-on for me cause I do have a very hard time asking for things.

He also wanted me to relearn to swim and to work harder fighting my fears. During the conversation I felt strong sensations in my throat. He gave me a way to contact him and told me he prefers to be contacted when the moon is above the horizon.

Amazed at how easy contact was achieved. Further reinforcement of the validity of the spirit model for myself. Definitely have a lot of self-work to do and research into spirits that can help with fear. Going to continue with the 2 week working and see what else comes up.

The directness of the Olympic spirit was very surprising to me. He didn’t want to horse around at all.

Results: Posted on the Evocational Magics yahoo group asking about spirits of fear that I could begin researching. Reflected upon my past fears and strategies for me to ask the remaining planets about.


Mercury working: Aug. 11th 2010. Day and hour of Mercury

Goal: To help gain the ability to focus my mind and to help my intellect overcome my fear.

Communication: Felt something work on my head. There was some pressure and tingling for about a minute then I felt a presence move away from the area very fast. I asked my HGA if that was a spirit of Mercury and he confirmed it.

Results: Oddly enough, started seeing many references to Chod practice. It was something that I knew of but didn’t know much about. I thought it was a very advanced practice. I ran into a audiobook of Tsultrim Allione called “Cutting Through Fear” that describes a complete yet trimmed down version While I have not done the practice as of yet I have listened through it. Now that this overall working is complete I’m going to start doing that.


Venus working: Aug 13th, 2010. Day and hour of Venus

Goal: Ask Venus to show me how to love myself and to love my fears and my efforts to overcome them. Basically to keep myself from beating myself up when I slip in my efforts. By this point I was working completely on fear.

Communication: One of the most interesting. Pressure on third eye while communication occured. Very encouraging, very loving. Could see an image of an androgynous figure disrobing who kissed me (!) and said she’d be waiting for me (!!) after I learned how to love myself fully. She told me to take time to think of my good qualities and to love myself, and to see how some of my fears have driven the cultivation of some of my virtues. I should sort out the ones that don’t help and work on eliminating those. She also said to keep talking with “us”.

Results: Unsure honestly. I did feel a lot more comfortable in my skin afterward but there was nothing that really jumped out at me after the working. I have been working on being less hard on myself and to catch myself when I disparage my abilities or myself when I make an error with some success.


Sun working: Aug 15th, 2010, Day and hour of Sun

Goal: Gain courage and authority over my mind and my fears.

(By this point when I do the permuations of IAO I get a distinct sensation of the space around me shifting like tumblers in a lock. Most cool.)

Communication: Very short phrases. I’m slowly gaining boldness. Don’t be afraid. We will assist. Pray. Love, for we love you. Keep working with the spirits. No offering is necessary.

Results: Boldness has definitely increased. I will talk about it more later in the post.


Mars working: Aug 17th 2010, Day and hour of Mars

Goal: Ask for further courage and steadfastness in my battle with my fears

Was told the following:
That I was weak in the area of Mars
That I must do things that scare me and do them.
Mars’ bravery will mingle with mine when I show bravery.
Fight with both force and strategem.

He also told me a personal item that I cannot divulge

The next day I got pulled into a meeting with my bosses to get reprimanded for some recent issues. Normally this would have made me completely break down but I handled it with complete aplomb and dictated to them the changes I would make before they could impose their will on mine. They agreed with the changes and I got back to work. This is huge for me. But wait, even more to come!


Jupiter Working: Aug 19th, 2010, Day and hour of Jupiter

Goal: To grow in wisdom and become larger than my fears

Very happy voice, very brief encounter. Said he would assist in growth then asked to leave.

An ongoing RL situation occurred this day and for the next few foreseeable weeks that is forcing me to apply everything that I’ve learned above in a rapid manner. I can’t go into details other than that I’m playing a mediator role between several angry parties in my religious organization and handling it much better than I thought I would. I’m really surprising myself. Even though things are admittedly falling apart I feel my role is to guide the group to a smooth landing rather than the crash landing that was sure to occur. It almost feels like I needed to do this work at this time in order to be of service. The coincidence is very striking.

Saturn Working: Aug 21st, 2010, Day and hour of Saturn

Goal: To ask Saturn and his spirits to show me the proper boundaries for my fears and to bind the unreasonable fears.

The voice was faint and old. Said that he had heard of my requests from the others. I assume he means the other planets. He said that while my fears have protected me my call for growth and readjustment has been heard. It is ‘seemly’. Gave me a prediction about a meeting that I was to have that weekend that would show me how much I have grown through this. Absolutely true prediction.

I was told to continue to do magic and perform the great work. I will be aided. He also told me to speak with the Archangel of Saturn for initiation.

Finally, he said “We love you. Don’t stop.”


Final analysis:

Complete success and still growing!

For being my first long-term working with these spirits I’m very impressed at how communicative they were. Your tech is proving remarkably helpful. Now that I’ve asked all the planets for assistance in something I’m going to investigate using the planetary seals you provided for a goal a little more down to earth.

When I worked with the archangels in the past it felt like they were working on a much more rarefied level of myself. In this working I had both my personal sphere worked on and had life place things in my path that made me use those changes right away. I have a pretty good feeling that this was because of the involvement of the Spirit of each planet.

I’m also intrigued at how eager they all seemed to want to help me and how encouraging they were. I wasn’t expecting that. The messages of love and acceptance from them also was a surprise.

While I have worked on some of the items I was asked to work on by the spirits it’s time to really dig in and see where this goes. Time to really study that Chod CD! Thanks for all the knowledge you’ve given me and I look forward to further magical adventures.


Pallas Renatus said...

This was incredibly cool to read, thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

The angels of the ars paulina are good for this sort of thing as well.

220 said...

I notice that yo seem to be very concerned overall with financial matters. None of my business but you seem to spend a lot of money on books and junk.

I like the single coloured sigils on the black ground, are those spells r seals f various spirits? very beautiful lines.

Jason Miller, said...


1. This is a field report from a student who is in my course not my own work.

2. Yes I am concerned with financial matters and magic, but what does that have to do with me spending on things I can afford? I never said I had money problems. Quite the opposite. I am doing well and I like to show others how magic has helped me to do well. The whole point of Strategic Sorcery Financial magic is that you do not just use it when things are going wrong.