Thursday, August 12, 2010

Isaac Bonewits has passed

Isaac Bonewits passed away this morning. He stirred the pot quite a bit while he was here, and whether you agreed with him on things or not, he got people talking, and more importantly thinking about important things. I first heard about him when I was a kid and was absolutely fascinated by a man that got an accredited Bachelors in Magic. People like him inspired me to do what I do now.

I was lucky to have met him several times, and now as an occult teacher and author myself, honored to speak on a few panels along side him.

May peace be with him, and may his family be comforted during their time of mourning by the immense impact he had on our community and the art.

PS: I had to post this photo, because it is IMO one of the coolest photos ever taken of any occultist.


Anonymous said...

I was lucky enough to meet him before he passed away.

May his road be swift to the Summerlands.

Bar said...

His book Real Magic was the first I ever read on the Occult and it was one I referenced to time and again. He will be missed.