Saturday, August 30, 2008


Its Saturday the day of Saturn and I just finished the first of what will be some extended meditations this weekend (some people play around when thier wife is away, I set up elaborate temples and meditate for hours). Anyway, I am waxing abyssal today and thought I might share a secret about the nature of Daath.

Daath of course means knowlege, and is the "non-sephira" that exists in the abyss separating the celestial triad from the lower triads on the tree. It is also the line where Atziloot, the highest of the four worlds, is separated from the lower three. On this diagram, we can see Daath as the black sphere.

Now, even when I was a teen I was bothered somewhat by the lack of symetry between the higher and lower halves of the tree. This was before I learned that we are looking at the tree after the fall of man. What caused the fall? Knowlege or Daath. Now, whether you think that this is fall is a good thing or a bad thing is a point that separates mainstream Christians and Jews from Gnostics, but we can put that aside for now.

Imagine that Hod and Netzach, the lowest spheres on the side pillars were like hinges, and that malkuth and the paths in blue could swing upwards on the axis of the path between them which I marked in red. It lands directly in Daath.

So, if you are contemplating Daath consider this: Daath is the empty space left by Malkth when it fell. Understanding this is key to understanding Daath.

As you can see below, this move also makes the tree perfectly symetric top and bottom. Its all there in the diagram itself screaming out at you.

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Persephone said...

Wow. Somebody just explained something about the tree that made sense to me.

That's a first.

Happy meditating!