Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Ok. I just downloaded a program that anyone who uses astrological magick must have. Stellarium literally turn your comupter into a Planetarium.

And its FREE


EKB said...

And for those of us with lesser computers... KStars and Celestia. However, these are all linux-y and stuff.

Stellarium is actually how I make astrological charts these days. None of those worries about which zodiac or house system - positions and aspects are what they are. And so far, it's worked very well for the last few years.

When I get it completely debugged, I'll post my electional search script to Spiritus Mundi list and the Stellarium wiki...

Rufus Opus said...


Thank you thank you thank you. Beautiful. I love it. Seeing Venus in Virgo is a lot different than knowing Venus is in Virgo. Maybe this will add a layer to hands-on magic.