Sunday, August 10, 2008


Its hailing. Actually this is probably the longest sustained hail spurt I have ever seen. The yard and street are covered in little white pellets of ice.

Why does this rate being posted in a Blog on magick you ask?

Two words.


Oh yeah. Rain water is ok. Snow is ok. But I think Hail would make a friggin sweet base for War Water. I even know an antique store in town that has a surplus of iron nails I can use. Throw in some spanish moss, hot peppers, and wasp-corpses into the mix and let sit.

Aw yeah.


Persephone said...

This might be really good for the giant organizing spell we've been talking about... I hope you gathered a lot.


Donald Leitch said...

War water. Oh man... That brings me back to the days of poking around in The Globe at all the alleged and so-called bottles and powders.
I remember the brief confusion powder spree, and then getting lost with a car full of people for 8 hours, trying to get back from the bowling alley. More than once.

Anyway, don't forget about the possibilities of some of NJ's swamp water... rich in bog iron.
The reason why places like Howell were founded. You should see the iron that builds up in our filters at work.

Anywhere that you see swampy areas that have the tell-tale red/orange oxide build-up, or an iridescence - but not a full oil-slick rainbow - has some degree of bog iron. The interesting thing is that solid raw bog iron often contains small amounts of both quartz and magnetites. I've yet to try to fish out any ore, but supposedly that is where you find it.

Jason Miller, said...

I have a bottle of water from Batsto for that very reason.

Thinking of trecking to a blue hole to gather some as well.