Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Sorcerers Secrets COVER

This is the final draft of the cover art for the new book. I am VERY happy with it.

As a bonus, they are re-issuing Protection and Reversal Magick with a new and better cover, so they will look like companion volumes.


Rufus Opus said...

Dude, freakin' DROOL! I want the name of your cover artist or graphics shop or whatever you used.

Now I'll have to buy ANOTHER copy of your Protection and Reversal book. :)

Whatever shall I do without that lovely shade of fuschia on my shelf? But wait, there's McLean's Magical Calendar right next to yours, grouped by color. It's close enough.

So with this cover you'll be over by Leitch's Secrets.

descolado said...

Hi, I am no expert, but I liked the cover.
I only fear that it looked to like some children´s book. I don´t remember what it was, but the photo look similar.

Jason Miller, said...

I just gave the publisher the graphic that my friend drew and suggested to make it look like an old book. They said its a look thats been done to death, but they would see what they could do.

What they came back with kicked serious ass.

Samuel Johnson said...

I absolutely adore it as art, although I always hold reservations with books like these. It's difficult not to make the whole thing sound like fantasy as it is.
It might look a little more conservative and reserved on the actual cover - though I think the main thing bugging me is the flames.

Other than that though, it really does look amazing. You found someone really talented.

Donald Leitch said...

My comment, from a artistic criticism point-of-view, is that the poorly done ancient looking book is done to death - this cover is well done.

The lighter color under the title is the first place that your eyes rest. The flames serve to pull the eye just to the side and down. The lighter color on the original art continues to move the eye. The highlight on the N is the last place the eye drifts to. This creates a curving flow that mirrors the floral curves of the background, most notable in the upper right hand corner.

sorry, I can't help but pick every image apart.