Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Psionic Key of Solomon Ray Gun

I just watched an Uncle Chucky Video on how to make your very own Psionic Key of Solomon Ray Gun.

I am Totally doing this. Attach a few colored lenses and you may get a modern tepaphone! Probably wont be as effective as my Hoodoo-Soap Super Soaker was, but I'll try anything once.

If I get any success with it at all, I may have to blend a more benign seal into a replica of the Doctors Sonic Screwdriver.


Donald Leitch said...

Wow! How had I never stumbled unto Uncle Chucky before?

Jason Miller, said...

I dunno Don, but he seems right up your alley.

I had weird dreams detailing plans for a vajra mounted into a tibe containing a laser pointer surrounded by seven tubes containing planetary talismans.

Strange stuff. After the book is written I may have to play around with some of chuckies stuff. Wanna experiment?

Rufus Opus said...

Suppose you just wired a goetic seal in line with the simple circuit. The electricity would flow through the seal on the way to doing the work of lighting the bulb. Quick, direct, and no fuss.