Sunday, August 3, 2008

Honey Jars

Because of my book, I am very often contacted by clients looking for protection or even counter magick curses. Some of these I do, some of them I don't, depending on circumstance.

Even in love, I seem get asked to break up other people, so that a husband can return, rather than asked to just build attraction between two people. I have been asked four times in the last year. When this happens, unless there is physical abuse going on, I normally refuse. Especially if there is child custody involved. I will advise people how to do the work themselves, throwing a bit of business to a local shop that carries Black Marriage Candles in the process, but I dont do it myself.

So, it was nice this week to have someone that I once refused to do a break up spell for, come back and ask for a straight up love spell just to sweeten the relationship between her and her man. I am always up for that. Sowing the seeds of love is awsome and doing it always rubs off a bit and sweetens the relations around me as well. For the last few days the wife has been more attentive, and come to think of it, I have been more attentive to her.

Even now, as the dust from todays evocation of Michael settles (which went well enough), the candle on the honey jar I made for the client is burning on the altar and giving off a great vibe. Almost like a 60's style "up with love" song playing in the aethyr.

If you want to get this vibe going yourself, pick a target that you want to sweeten up with (doesnt have to be love, it works with friends and bosses and anyone else) and place a link from you and them together in a jar. If you want, you can tie them together with properly colored string. Fill the jar with Honey, Mollasses, and Sugar along with any herbs or roots that you want to add. I have used Coon Dongs n honey jars for sex to good effect. Trillium for family or marriage closeness. Gravel Root for bosses and co-workers. You get the idea. When its filled, light an appropriately colored candle on top of the jar and enflame thyself with prayer and desire for better relations.

Repeat the last step as necessary.

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