Monday, September 22, 2008

Auld Horney

Ah Autumn. As has been my fashion for a number of years now I am headed out to the barrens to run with Horned One.

I take a special incense blend and place it under my horned mask in the north. Breathe in the fumes through the mask and call him thusly:

Eko! Eko! Azarak!
Eko! Eko! Zomelak!
Zod-ru-kod e Zod-ru-koo
Zon-ru-koz e Goo-ru-mu!
Eo! Eo! Oo...Oo...Oo!

Wait for him to come and than we take off on the Via Nocturne.

The cool air and the half-moon light are perfect.

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