Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Need YOUR Help

Ok, I have a collection of gazes, breaths, gestures, and postures that I am putting into a chapter in the book. These will be part of larger rituals in the book, or can be used solo.

I need a snappy name for the collection. I have merely been calling them "keys" for the last few years but I dont like that much.

Suggest a name for me, wont you?

If someone comes up with a good one you will get thanked by name in the book.


Al said...



Jason Miller, said...

actually that is worth considering...

Don said...

how about elements or components?
you could always just use an older variant of key - caeg?

EKB said...

In NLP usage , these things are "anchors." Anchor-gestures? Anchor-events?

Cantrip is pretty cool as well - so I'm going to use that (danke schoen Al) for my own stuff.

Triggers? Charges? Postures? Henry?

Frater BH said...

The combination of these things could be called "Wills". Though, if you got a tad more specific about what context you were putting them in, we may come up with better ideas. I mean I can guess but how you spin the idea is unique to you.

Persephone said...

Cantrip? I had to get my boyfriend to explain that one to me. Not all magicians play D&D.

I kinda thought it might be a misspelling of "Catnip."


WitchDoctorJoe said...

I use a litin theme in mine and have used these terms to describe my collection.

sitella is an urn for drawing lots, a metaphoric container of keys.

Sigorum is a collection of signs, actions or gestures.

Al said...

It's in the Oxford English Dictionary, Persephone. D&D didn't invent the word.