Monday, September 1, 2008

Planetary Hour Calculator

I have been looking for something like THIS forever.


Donald Leitch said...
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Rufus Opus said...

I feel guilty.

I use the Google widget on my customized Google home page. I've also got a free astrology program that shows the hour in the tool bar. Errin Davenport recommended it, Chronos XP or something like that.

I also use a licensed version of that moon phase widget to get people's syzygy for the genius/daimon names. You plug in a date and place, and it shows the historic moon phases.

My favorite astro program so faris Timaeus. It is relatively easy to use, and it also puts a planetary hour indicator on your tool bar. It also has this awesome "View Current Sky" feature to see what's going on at any given moment. Timaeus

Anonymous said...

Slightly different take to the one you found, Jason, but maybe handy for beginners like me.

Planetary Calendar

You'd probably find the text annoying, but n00bs might find it valuable.