Thursday, September 4, 2008

Regina sine labe originali concepta

I havent had time to really write about it, but I had two run-ins with the Virgin Mary in the last two weeks. The first was last week when my angel whispered in my ear "psst, pull into this shop"

The shop was a Catholic gift shop and when i walked in there was a group of four old ladies chatting about how powerful something was. They recited incidents of healings, raises, and all sorts of blessings. My curiosity peaked I had to ask what they were talking about. They were talking about the Miraculous Medal which was spawned by a vision in 1830 by Sister, now Saint, Catherine Labour'e.

The front of the medal is pretty standard image of mary with the words Regina Sine Labe Originale Concepta Ora Pro Nobis on it. The back however has a cool sigil of an M and a Cross, both Sacred Hearts, and of course the twelve stars which bring to mind the Lady with the Moon at her feet in The Apocolypse of John.

I started wearing the medal and will complete the Novena tommorrow.

Yesterday I was at a customers home (day job customer, not occult visit) and noticed that while there were no other religious images, there were nearly a dozen images of Mary - all with a crown of twelve stars. I mentioned to her that though I am not Roman Catholic, I have a real affinity with Mary and loved her statues. Turns out she isn't Catholic either.

She had an experience at Medjugorje and has been devoted to Mary ever since. She is comfortable because according to the Medjugorje visions the "conversion" that Mary seeks people to have is not one to Roman Catholicism, but simply one to the spiritual life. She is actually leaving to go there again this weekend and to stay with one of the Seer's. We chatted a bit about it, and than she waled over to the largest Mary statue she has and took the rosarie froim her hand. She said:

"I want you to have this. Or rather, I think she wants you to have this. It was blessed in Medjugorje."

Now, when I see an image of Mary I see a lot in it. I see the Mother Mary, but I also see Magdaline the consort, I also see Sophia the "sister" of the Logos, and I see the Shekina, the wife of God. I even see Hekate Soteria, Hekate as she appears in the Chaldean Oracles as the fully transcendant wife of both the first and second fathers, so these two run-ins resulting in these two talismans have been quite powerful for me.


My Gal said...

From my Catholic School girl days, I will give you a moment to recover.., she was always my favorite part of the process. I still have some of her medals and have been know to light a few candles to her now and then.

It is always nice though when she gives you gifts :)

DMgirl said...

I was just wondering, what does Regina Sine Labe Originale Concepta Ora Pro Nobis mean?

Sandu Marius-Andrei said...

Detinator de Medalin cu "Rgina SINE Labe Originali OPN " din anii 1830.....Cine e interesat sa sune la 0763729656

chijioke said...

@DMgirl.It means,Oh Mary conceived without sin,pray for us.