Monday, September 22, 2008

Take Back Your Mind

When I get finished writing this series of books for magicians, (two more after this one) I think I want to write a book on meditation specifically for non-magickal or spiritually oriented people. May even try to sell it to a more mainstream publisher.

I want to write the first in your face book on meditation. One that tells you to meditate not to find calm or attain enlightenment but because you are piss-ripping mad that you have so little control over your own mind!

Its one thing to tell people that they would be better off if they meditated, but if you can show that they have actually had something stolen from them, its a whole different ball of wax.

The goal is not calm, though that can be a side effect. The goal is not spiritual fulfillment, though that might occur as well. The goal is to take back what has been stolen from you: your attention span, your natural awareness, your ability to react the way you will yourself to rather than the way your monkey mind forces you to. Someone took your mind, should'nt you go kick the shit out of them and take it back?

There is no need to become an uber-calm, sandal wearing, wanna be zen monk who talks like Kane from kung-fu and is dead from the neck down. Fuck that shit! Meditate because you want to delve more fully into the fracas! Meditate because you want to feel and fuck and fight more and better than you are able to while being a slave to the mechanistic excuse for your mind right now.

The photo is of me meditating and making an offering to the spirits in the Queechee Gorge, taken without my knowing by my cousin-in law.

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Frater BH said...

You've already sold one copy! Get on it Dude. How long do you expect me to wait? (grin)