Monday, February 23, 2009

Astrological timing vs Astrological by-passing

I was chatting with someone this weekend that asked me a fairly detailed astrological question. I admitted to him that Astrology is actually something that I have not studied extensivly. I know a good bit, but nothing beyond that. I use planetary forces in magick all the time, but I do not get much into the details of timing and horary astrology and such. He seemed a bit shocked by this admission, and I dont really blame him. It is certainly one of the pillars of, if not the cornerstone of, the western magickal tradition. 

What can I say? I just never got around to it. When I was first starting out, I was keeping track of what astrological effects were having on my magick and my life. However, when I started doing the BRH every day (this was 20 years ago keep in mind) I noted that the effect of astrological influences was greatly diminished. 

Than about ten years ago or so, taking a cue from the PGM, I started developing my own method of balancing these forces within my sphere using the Greek Vowels. Through this process I sort of "discovered" the receptors within the body of light for the planetary forces. Think of these as microcosmic mirrors of the macrocosmic planets. By attuning their vibrations and moving their location within the body of light, you can effectivly negate or accentuate astrological influences to suit the situation. Thats why you never hear me complain about Mercury retrograde.

Just as the GD threw out some important aspects of Renaissance magick when they came up with their system, I think sometimes that modern Renaissancers are tossing some important aspects of modern magick out the door. Its crap to forget, misunderstand, and disregard history, but it's also crap to value something just because its old. This isnt the SCA. 

Some view the emphasis on astrological timing in Renaissance magick as a strong feature of the system. I actually view it as a bit of a flaw. I stand with most of the ATR practitioners in basically doing magick whenever the need arises. I usually do try to work with the waxing and waning of the moon m especially if its at night. I also do some special stuff of eclipses, which are quite powerful. If I have time, I work with the planetary days. If I am working with specifically planetary forces, I will probably wait for that planet to be physically overhead. I usually do not bother with planetary hours, finding it a bit of a contrived system. Overall, I think that there are some forces a bit more local that get ignored in favor of planetary allignments. That said, I think its important to know how to do Astrology proper. Its on my list...  


Qabalier said...

"The initiation lasted 2 weeks starting on a Monday and required the aspirant to summon an archangel every other day and ask for an empowerent. That brought them through all seven planetary archangels in order: Mon, Wed, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday."

So that's why you recommended working on a problem for two weeks: that way you can use the planetary days in the correct sequence - Neat.

yuzuru said...

I am an astrologer, not a magician... so my interest in magic is to nourish and help my main interest, that is astrology.
And so be your knowledge of astrology only need to help to enhance and help your magickal practice. You have no need to know if the pars spiritum and pars futurorum should be reversed by night or not.
It is interesting that you felt that the BHR has "shieded" you from astrological influence... although, I probably would disagree with that.
Mercury retrograde and other transits are only "heavy" influence, but most of astrology is not influencial... the chart "unfolds" itself through time. E.G when your children are born, I am sure there will be several indications about it.
Best regards

Jason Miller, said...


What sources would you recommend for when I get time to do a deeper study in Astrology?

yuzuru said...

Hi, it depends hugely on your level of interest and the work that you are willing to spend reading.

I assume you are not hugely interested in natal or mundane astrology. Are you interested in horary astrology too or only in electional astrology and magickal astrology ?

Rose Weaver said...

Nice post. Like you, I began my work only with the phases of the moon, then began to also use the sun and other planets depending upon their station, the houses they are in, and their relation to one another.

I've been told it is not good to do any magic during eclipses, but personal experience has already proven the incredible power of this time. One caveat (to all who may be reading); be careful of what you do and how you do it. Since this time IS so powerful, the results will be what you want, though may not be achieved exactly how you expect, and they will last.


Jow said...

Astrology is to me like math is to me. I suck at it. I am really bad. Every time I've set down to learn it I immediately want to get up and do ANYTHING else. Anything. Which is why this year I want to learn the basics, if for no other purpose than to streangthen my own willpower.

Ananael Qaa said...

Estelle Daniels' Astrological Magick has a lot of good material on astrological timing that has worked well for me over the years, and it's one of the only recent books out there that covers the subject in detail.

However, be warned that getting through the book can be a bit of an ordeal because Daniels' writing style is really annoying, or at least I find it so. She's constantly trying to sound cute or funny or something and misses the mark just about every time.

Jason Miller, said...

Note that Tibetans say that actions taken during eclipses have 10,000 the effect of other times.