Friday, February 6, 2009

FAQ Finding Mission

Ok y'all. I know that you all wake up every day and think "how can I help Jason out?"

Well, here is your chance. 

Those that have visited will have noticed a FAQ page indicated. I have a few questions that I want answered, but I was wondering what you would like to see answered in a FAQ about me and my work. 


yuzuru said...

well, you have more experience in what questions you are frequently asked :-)

But I would suppose that some of them would be things like:
does it really work ? do you do black magic spells ? do you do sorcery/vodu/or what? how much it cost? can you do a spell for another person? what do I need to give you (hair, photo, etc)? How long it takes? is magic evil/do you work with demons, will I be in any risk, etc, etc, etc

Jason Miller, said...

That was quite helpful actually. I have gotten asked several of those questions in the past, but in different wording and such. Thabnk you for putting it together for me. And thanks as well to those that wrote me directly as well.