Saturday, February 28, 2009

Post Deleted

I just deleted my post "Tibet Again" for two reasons:

1. I misunderstood what the poster was actually trying to say. Whether this was due to the reading, the writingm or both we will just leave be. 

2. Even if I was correct, it was an arrogant and self-important post to make. The point about Tibetan magick being misrepresented still stands, but someone being wrong on the internet is hardly a reason to generate such posts. 


yuzuru said...

That is why we call it "ranting"

useful ? usually not. But helps you not to get problems with your liver !

Fr. Ausharrenwille said...

Eh, we have all been here:

It happens.

yuzuru said...

It is a fun post Fr Ausharrenwille

I specially get angry when I see self proclaimed "experts" spreading very stupid concepts as results of "great research" or "great discoveriers" usually proclaiming themselves as great masters in the art. Yes, in astrology we also have our share.

So, you mages have an advantage, because you can send them a demon or two to visit them in their sleep

Fr. Ausharrenwille said...

Oh I don't know, they typically have enough demons of their own that they don't really need any of mine.. ;)