Friday, February 27, 2009

Who Watches the Watchmen? I dunno, but I suspect that those that do will be disappointed.

I just saw a bunch of clips from the Watchmen. I was awed by the previews, but when you take away the cool music and zipply cuts and actually watch even a minute or two of this movie, its pretty clear its gonna be a flop. The acting is TERRIBLE. I mean, worse than a USA or Lifetime show. Really bad. 

I hope I am wrong, and that the clips were just bad examples, but this feels like a whole lotta suck is gonna be coming around. 

Sorry for the off-topic post BTW.  


Qabalier said...

There's always Moore's interest in the occult. Or how for Dr. Manhattan "from the perspective of eternity it has all already happened".

As for myself, I'm afraid I will have to wait and see...

Anonymous said...

I hope you're wrong. It was a good graphic novel.

Susanne Iles said...

I've been curious about the film and have been waiting with anticipation. I used to own a first edition signed copy of the graphic novel(whimper) and have always wondered if they could pull it off as a movie.
I hope you are wrong about the quality, but comic book adaptations can sometimes go awry when translated to the big screen.