Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Finance Hands

Finance hands are all being mailed out this week. Sorry for the delay. Last week was consumed with my Anniversary, Valentines Day, aand Wife's Birthday (also known as Febmegaday) as wel as some other family issues. 

Thank you for your patience. I think that you will all find them worth the wait. 

Apart from the various projects I have going on for custom clients, the next "general offering" will be 6 "Jericho Bowls". This is a special sigil-carved bowl, cystal, and Rose of Jericho that will be consecrated to absorb hostile forces and emanate prosperity and well being. The bowl is filled with water, and the Jericho rose opens up. Every week change the water to get rid of the negativity. If you dont want to have it out, simply empty the water, let the rose dry up and go dormant. When you put it in water again, it will open up just as before. I scryed the sigils of the genii of the plant and will carve them into the bowl and consecrate the whole. I have had one on my altar for years and wanted to make some for others. Just add water...

More information on that in a couple weeks or so. 

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