Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Aww crap

I am now drawing up plans for a steampunk looking Radionics box that is attached to a Concave scrying mirror, and possibly an ekg meter, just to detect any fluctuations when the box is used. 

Is this the kind of thing that a 36 year old expectant father should be thinking about? 

I am such a geek. 


Qabalier said...

I dare say a number of your pastime endeavors are certainly unusual to say the least, sir... and we are much the better for it, I must add.

Rufus Opus said...

Geek chic, man, geek chic!

This 34-year-old father of three still does similar stuff, but I'm just not that good at steampunkery.

No worries, you're normal! For a magician.

Dohmnaill said...

Why Not?
I too have been intrigued by the allure of steampunk. I loves me some tinkering. has some interesting ideas... I love that site. I did get quite a bit of inspiration for my camera hacks from there.