Monday, August 10, 2009

Bune Bottle

Finished a Bune bottle for a client on Friday who was kind enough to allow me to post an image.

Different approach than R.O.'s pot, but will serve a similar purpose.


Rufus Opus said...

Love the bottle! There's something to be said for rubbing a djinn's bottle too. Palos add ceyenne pepper to their Spirit Pots when they want to "put a fire under" their spirit, that is, to help it move more quickly. Rubbing a vessel will also generate physical heat, which will also add a bit of impetus to the rite. I added some to my Spirit Pot, and it worked great.

Bune doesn't mind at all, I think they use it like a nitro boost in a souped up car.

Reiki Sorcery said...

Looks great!
Now I'm waiting for mine...

Jason Miller, said...

reiki sorcery, who is this?

Did you order one that you didnt get yet?