Thursday, August 20, 2009

Teaching this Sunday in Dover DE

I will be speaking at the Delmarva Pagan Pride on Sunday. Hope to catch you there:


Delmarva Pagan Pride Festival, Dover DE

Sunday, August 23rd

Every ritual ever written is really a collection of words, gestures,
breaths, gazes, and mental exercises that are strung together to form
a whole. Like Katas or Forms taught to Martial Artists, these rituals
serve a purpose in and of themselves, but the advanced practitioner
must learn how to break them down into their component parts and use
each individually.

Teaching from his new book The Sorcerer's secrets, Jason will share
some of these seemingly small tricks of gaze, voice, and mind that are
closely guarded secrets in some occult circles. These subtle keys that
can either be incorporated into larger rituals or used alone.

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