Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Upcoming Classes

Here is the current list for Fall so far. Still working out the details of some other events

Mystical Tymes
127 South Main Street New Hope, PA 18938
(215) 862-5629
September 15th 2009
7:00 pm – 9:00pm

The Naga Khang of Tibet, the Pwen of Haitian Vodou, The Goetia’s Brass Vessel, the Honden of Shinto, the Nganga of Palo Mayombe. The San Phra Phum of Thailand; all over the world human beings feel compelled to create physical places for non-physical beings to dwell within. The purpose is two fold: to give ourselves an easy way to relate to the spirits, and to give the spirits a greater foothold into our world so that their activities can achieve greater impact.

In this class Jason Miller will go over his methods for creating “Spirit Bottles” which can be put to almost any purpose. He will cover the types of spirits that can be housed, , how to attract spirits to the bottle, the various items that one might want to add to a spirit bottle, how to feed and communicate with the spirits, and more. Come explore the way in which traditional formula and artistic creativity come together in this exciting and potent type of Sorcery.

Soul Journey,
194 Main Street Butler NJ
September 27, 2009: 10am to 4pm.
Hoodoo is a distinctly American form of Sorcery combining African, European, and Native American practices. In this all-day intensive, Jason Miller (Inominandum) will teach the history, theory, and practice of this potent tradition of magick. After a brief summary of Hoodoo overall, we will be going root by root, bone by bone, through the most widely used and potent curios of the tradition and providing spells for each of them. From the Three John Roots and Devil's Shoe Strings to Gator Hands and Goofer Dust, you will learn to make mojo hands, baths, dress candles, lay tricks, use powders, and all the famous methods of Rootwork old and modern. Special attention will be paid to the way in which Hoodoo can work alone or alongside just about any religious tradition. By the end of this class you will be able to use the formulas of old time to conjure or create tricks of your own.

Sacred Circle New Age Center
57B Brighton Ave. - Long Branch, NJ 07740
(732) 229-1119
Wednesday October 7th, 2009
7:00pm - 9:00pm

The five elements of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Spirit/Space are fundamental properties in both western alchemy and eastern mysticism. In this class Jason Miller draws upon his experience in both Tibetan Tantra and the Western Mystery Tradition to present a complete system of meditations, visualizations, and breath techniques related to the five elements that promote health, clarity, and expanded awareness.

The Crucible Gathering
Hyatt Regency Hotel Princeton in Princeton, NJ.
102 Carnegie Center, Princeton, New Jersey, 08540.
(609) 987-1234.
7:00 – 8:30
A Short primer on how to make full use of Empyrian, Aethyric, and Material levels of world and self to improve your success and overcome obstacles in practical magic.
Mystical Tymes
127 South Main Street New Hope, PA 18938
(215) 862-5629
October 13th 2009
7:00 pm – 9:00pm

Not for the feint of heart, this class details the methods for contacting and working with spirits of departed humans. Topics will include the proper method of collecting and using graveyard dirt, constructing ancestor altars, ceremonial evocations of the dead, and working with the gods of death itself. There will be a discussion of the ethics of this often mis-understood type of work, as well as a transmission of two rituals for contacting the dead.


O Diskordia said...
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O Diskordia said...

All of these classes sound fascinating... do you ever do online classes? The coast is a fair hike from where I am, sadly.

Jow said...

NECROMANCY!? HELL YES! I have to work the day of crucible, but I hope to be out and local in time to catch your lecture :)

If not, there is always the after party!

Jason Miller, said...

nono. Necromancy is in New Hope. They didnt get separated. sorry

Frater POS said...

Even coming from a completely different perspective, I have found Jason's classes to be well done but highly educational. If you can, go, listen and learn

Tracy said...

I am so looking forward to the Hoodoo intensive!