Saturday, August 29, 2009


Walked the tunnel of Malkunofat last night as sort of a nightside mirror of the Sangreal work earlier this month.

After the usual "entry phenomina" I found myself floating in completely dark space. In the distance I could see a circle dance such as you would find at a Sabbat or old time Ganachakra. As I drew closer to the dance, dakinis kept flying up to me, removing my clothes, and replacing them with Tantric ornaments. The last thing they placed upon me was a garland of freshly severed heads. I recognized that these were each my own head from a former life. As I approached the circle I was directed towards the center. All were chanting a mantra that I did not recognize, but which sounded like a disturbed hive because of the thousands of people chanting at once, but not in unison. Above this sound was the drumming which quickly put me into trance.

I realized that everyone and everything around me was in need, so I emanated a dakini to pour nectar into the crown of my head into my central channel, which overflowed and filled my whole body. Another dakini than came and sliced open my stomach, letting the combined essence of the nectar along with all my insides pour out and blanket the world.

I arose over my body which was now just a skin table supported by my four limbs as legs. My spirit rose and left the tunnel, returning to regular space.

I feel quite light and peaceful this morning after a pretty solid and dreamless 4 hours of sleep.

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Reiki Sorcery said...

Truly interesting. Now you only need to let us know your method for working with 231...