Saturday, August 29, 2009

How I work with 231

After my last post Reiki Sorcery wants to know how I work with Liber 231. Fairly loosely is the best way to describe it.

I should preface it by saying that I did a LOT of work in the 90's with the Shadow Tarot and Mishlen Lindens exercises associated with the seals - both those found in Typhonian Teratomas and from the Black Moon Archive. I spent a lot of time "cooking" tunnel entrances in darkness and immersing myself within them. I mention this because one of the reasons to do work like that is to lay the psycho-spiritual foundation within yourself to do the work faster in the future. Most Goetic magicians for instance can contact spirits that they have summoned in full ceremony with just the seal and the name. So, its like that.

Today, when I want to delve into a tunnel I set up one of Lindas "cards" which are actually photo paper with a single tealight to illuminate it. If I can do it without waking anyone, I will drum. If not, than I will practice short breaths to access the atavistic mind and allow any kind of gutteral grunts or hissing to surface. When the consious mind gives way the seal usually opens up and I find myself inthe tunnel or cell.

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