Sunday, November 9, 2008

Book Excerpt: Types of Love Magick

Here is another short little excerpt from the chapter on Love Magick that I am writing tonight. 


I divide love magick into two main categories: attraction and relationship magick. The bulk of this chapter will be about attraction, as that what most classical love magick is devoted to. We will cover love magick at the end of the chapter.

Attraction magick is further divided into types: making someone specific become attracted to you, and attracting people that would naturally be attracted to you. Most ancient love magick is devoted to the former. Spells for forcing specific women to love you, or philtres fed to young men to arouse lust are common in medieval spell books, the greek papyri, and even in Indian alchemical texts. Most modern love magick is devoted to the latter purpose, feeling that it is better to allow the magick to guide you than to directly influence someone’s will. My own approach is a combination of the two, as each has their strengths and weaknesses.

There is nothing wrong with attempting to win the love of a girl that you are smitten with. Nothing wrong with pursuing a man that initially shows no interest. Some of the worlds greatest love stories have arisen from such endeavors. There comes a point however where attraction can become obsession and a case of unrequited love should just be accepted. Using magick to attract a mate that would naturally be attracted to you can be a useful alternative, but I am skeptical of turning my life’s path over to “the spirits” or trusting “the magick” to guide my life. Being a Sorcerer or Sorceress means making decisions for yourself; and taking responsibility for those decisions. Another option is to make a list of attractive features and tendencies that we would like our potential lover to have. Unfortunately even when these types of spells get fulfilled to the letter, the reality always seems to fall short. In the end what makes us attractive is not just a bunch of qualities that we can rattle off like a grocery list.

We need ultimately to be the ones that decide who we pursue as potential lovers, but we also need the openness to let magick, chance, and providence provide opportunities that we may not see if we are too fixated on a specific person, or even a specific type.


Frater BH said...

Very interesting points. I look forward to the book.

Rufus Opus said...

My sister once told me, while I was young and impressionable, "Josh, I Love you... But what is Love, really?"