Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Josh Lyman for Chief of Staff

For those that don't know, I am a huge West Wing fan. During the primary I started to see a lot of correspondences between the election and the last two seasons of the West Wing. Ractiial minority cantidate, dems go almost to the convention, Republicans nominate a moderate who is not as socially conservative as the party platform. Etc, etc.

These continued through the general election. For instance the Republican was ahead until a disaster hit, a nuke plant meltdown on the show, an economic crisis in real life.

Now its even stranger. Obama has asked Rahm Emmanuel to be his Chief of Staff. The character Josh Lyman is based upon Rahm Emmanuel. Josh Lyman ends up as Santos Chief of Staff.

Was the Santos Campaign a hypersigil effecting the Obama campaign????

ok, I have probably been up for way too long.


Damien said...

YES. I am SO glad I'm not the only person who saw these things. Well spotted!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, no doubt! The West Wing was a huge focus for the dreams and visions of tens of thousands of Americans. Well, that and 24.

Matt said...

The similarities between Santos and Obama aren't coincidental. According to a magazine article I read (forgotten if it was in the "New Yorker" or "Harper's")David Axelrod is friends with some of the West Wing writers and yes, even then Obama was a partial template for Santos. Go figure.