Monday, November 3, 2008


I just want to clarify something about my post Ceremonial Magick vs Craft  

I do not believe in the hard separation of Witchcraft/folk magic and Ceremonial Magick. 

Note how many grimoires have extensive chapters on "natural magick" and how many traditions of Wicca are utterly reliant upon ceremonial magick tech. Anyone that has ever seen a Gardnerian BOS, will see it in spades. 

I think that they occupy different edges of the same spectrum, but my own work is to encompass that entire spectrum, not be pidgeon holed into one part of it. 

My comments in that post were supposed to be just poking fun of people making simple paper sigils or doing simpathetic magick, yet still looking down on "low magick" or "spells" because thier "working" was preceeded by an LBRP. I was really just making fun of something I read earlier today in a locked journal. 


Lavanah said...

If anyone had read your October 31 post, they would have known that (making the dicey assumption in this day and age that people actually pay attention to what they are reading...)

Jack Faust said...

I tend to focus on the synergies behind both; witchcraft is, in theory, informed by folklore more than Ceremonial Magick. That's just in theory, however. For the last four hundred years it's been ramping up to the point where eventually we'll see the next jump between distinctions between the two.

Nothing used to come as more of a shock to Ceremonial Magicians I knew as mentioning that Spare loathed CM and considered himself a witch. (Which always tickled me endlessly, and is probably a big part of where I currently sit.)

In any event the synergies between the two are such to the extent that arguing what purpose one serves and the other does not boils down to semantics at times. One needs to view history with both hemispheres of the brain.

Keep truckin' man. You're handing out the good shit.