Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yantra Yoga Book FINALLY Out

This book has been long coming. I post a note below from my friend Vaj:

Finally, after years of refinement, the text of Vairochana and the instructions on the Union of the Sun and Moon yantras has been released. I encourage you to get a copy, as it's extremely unusual that such teachings would ever have been been published publicly if it weren't for the open-minded policies of Namkhai Norbu.

The great advantage of this particular set of yantras is that, unlike the yantras associated with the various inner tantras, these don't require the elaborate visualizations of deities so common in the anuttara tantras. In Dzogchen-style yantra-yoga, you are as you are. There is nothing that needs modified because the enlightened condition is there, in all of us, from the beginning. And so the visualizations are easy ones anyone can do. I'm hoping this will be of some benefit for others. Having trained in the various traditional hatha-yoga or sun-moon asanas since the 70's, it was clear to me, they knew what the various postures still were, but they really (by and large) were clueless about what their real inner meaning was.

Having worked with these yantras for a few years, it's clear, whoever originated them had a profound understanding about human neurology and the subtle mechanics of prana as relates to how consciousness is experienced in adult humans. I really can say, from personal experience, the yantras are a good way to ripen our body, voice and mind and actualize many of the practices we've all heard about. Needless to say, learning such practices has an incredible purificatory benefit that is probably unsurpassed. I've been around the block more than once, and this is best I've experienced, esp. for married, everyday folks.

Now's a great window of opportunity to learn this system. A tour is in progress, check out the Dzogchen Community's website as it has links to the tour and the book. If you buy it off the DC website, they'll get more financial benefit that way. Since purchasing off both the Dzogchen Community website and the Shang Shung Institute now require membership, all you have to do is buy a preliminary membership fee to join the SSI, 7 bucks. And you get that much off in a discount when you buy the YY book there.

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