Sunday, November 2, 2008

Reference books

As I sit here all day, (and will be sitting here all night as well) refernce books pile up on my desk as I plug away at the book.

What books pile up when writing The Sorcerers Secrets?

Funny you should ask.

Three Books of Occult Philosophy - Agrippa.
Hoodoo Herb and Root Magick - Cat Yronwood,
Tibetan Religious Dances - Nebesky-Wojkowitiz,
Your Money or Your life - Dominguez/Robins,
The Game - Neil Strauss,
Meditations on the Lower Tantras - TLWA,
Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou - Donald Cosentino,
Sangreal Ceremonies and Rituals - William Gray
and Nickell's Botanial Ready Reference.

That was just from the afternoon. I will now break for dinner and clear these off the desk, making way for whatever accumulates this evening.

Writing books sucks BTW. Having written a book is great. But actually writing them blows.


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Rufus Opus said...

LMAO! Writing books does BLOW. I want to write because I think it's a way to be free, to express my experiences and help people, and to focus some of that creative energy that turns to destruction if it ferments for too long in my sphere.

But then I start working to the outline, and it's a harsh taskmaster. It doesn't quit telling you what to do. And the words... I hate the words I have to work with. I hate the book by the time I've started the rewrites, and I loathe the very concept by the time I'm "finished."

But when it's done and people like it, and a couple months go by, you get to thinking, maybe I should write another one, and your wife is all... Please, don't you remember how much you hated it!?

It's a lot like giving birth that way. At the last month, my wife was ready to kill me specifically, and all men in general. A year later, she was like, let's have another!

It's no coincidence that prolific writers' books are spaced a year or two apart.