Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Psychically Seizing the Day

Most magicians look to astrology to find auspicious times to accomplish various works. Not to diminishthe import of this ancient occult practice, but I have always felt that the weight that the stars and planets have upon the earth is dwarfed by the psychic weight of events that are actually occuring right here.  

If you are even the slightest bit psychic, you can sense an enormous shift today. An upheaval in the force. Many people accomplished something that others thought unthinkable. Others have had thier ideas of nation and government rocked to the core. This causes a HUGE psychic shift that can be taken advantage of by the cunning magician. 

So. If you are looking to start a diet, to begin writing a book, to stop smoking, to find a lover, to change careers. Whatever it is that you have been having trouble finding the energy and tenacity to accomplish: try it NOW. 

Sit down and meditate. Feel for the edges of your mind, than push past them. Those boundaries are illusions. Mind is infinite and knows no boundaries. Tap into the feelings of hope, progress, and success that are arising in the mindstream of the country, and indeed the world. Than invoke the higher powers as ye may know how, and perform a self-dedication rite to the work at hand. Than set about its accomplishment with zeal.

The best part is that your success in the project, be it magickal or mundane, will feed back into the matrix of awareness and lift it even higher. 

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Rose Weaver said...

Wise words, and I fully agree. Just wrote my own little blurb along the same lines. FWIW, the moon is waxing, so in my opinion, this adds to anything started within the energy of this particular shift.

Nice piece.