Saturday, November 29, 2008

Reason why a post was deleted

Yes, I did delete that post containing the parting words in the book. 

The reason: Those wont be the parting words of the book. 

I was tired and exhaused from editing and I cranked out a few paragraphs that sounded good at midnight and read like pomous crap the next day. Worse than that, it made it sound like I was starting my own magickal system, which is not my intent. 

So, tommorrow I will write a new few paragraphs and maybe post those. 

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Rufus Opus said...

Hee hee hee!

I may be a misanthropist, I may just be an asshole, but I love to see writers suffer. I mean seriously, it makes me smile to myself, and on the inside, I'm laughing like crazy.

I understand, I feel your pain, and I'm thrilled that it's happening to someone else this time. Misery does love company.

Gee, I should really do some Work on compassion and uhm, you know, empathy. Or something. Like to make myself a nice person. :snort:

I'll get right on that after I finish picturing the expression on your face as you reread the last few paragraphs. :-D

Ok, for serious, the starting a new magical system thing, I like that you're not trying to do that. In your other book, you talked a lot about the Hecate system you developed and received, and yet you presented the info as a continuation of a tradition that had been around a lot longer than Llewellyn's been publishing. I think that's awesome. What you've done is completely traditional, and yet it is something new, a new remanifestation of the old, sort of. At least with the Hecate stuff I've seen.

"Traditional" doesn't mean painted by the numbers, following the precise steps that were detailed in notes long lost. It's a system that will be unique in everyone's practice, but will still be recognizable to anyone else within the tradition.

Agrippa would recognize the Hekate system you put forward, as would Trithemius and Iamblichus. They might not practice it, but they'd be familiar with the basics, and understand that the details were provided by the non-physical beings you're working with.