Wednesday, March 18, 2009

An addendum to Mystic vs Esoteric

A good way to think of the difference between the two is that the esoteric paths are paths of effort. The mystical paths emphasise letting go of effort. In most cases even the simple effort of single pointed meditation needs to be released to allow true contemplation.

As an aside, I first encountered this process described in these terms meditation and contemplation, from Namkhai Norbu explaining the difference between threkChod and shine in Dzogchen. I later encountered the same exact description when reading Theresa of Avila. I found on Sunday when hanging out with JR that Norbu borrowed the terms from Theresa.

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Qabalier said...

I was reminded of a quote by Sri Aurobindo:
"I don't mean to say that the mind's effort is unnecessary or has no result—only if it tries to do all by itself, that becomes a laborious effort for all except the spiritual athletes. Nor do I mean that the other method is the longed-for short cut; the result may, as i have said, take a long time. Patience and firm resolution are necessary in every method of sadhana-
Strength is all right for the strong—but aspiration and the Grace answering to it are not altogether myths; they are great realities of the spiritual life.”