Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tibetan Uprising Day

Today is Tibetan Uprising day, this one in particular is the 50th Tibetan Uprising day. I havent heard very much news out of Tibet or Nepal, which is good, though news travels slowly. 

In 2000 a riot broke out between the Tibetans and the Nepalese police in the town I was living in on this date. I don't talk a lot about the Free Tibet movement because I am not political. However, since I did get involved in the events of that day, mostly taking photos and moving fallen people out harms way so they didnt get trampled. I wanted to take this day to point out two sites. 

The first is the official website of the government in exile, and has enough links for anyone that wants to get involved in just about any aspect of teh Free Tibet movement. 

The second is The Muktinath Foundation which is a site that my friend Andre runs to help a group of Nuns and a sacred site. I was asked in 2002 by Ven Chokyi Trichen, Wangyal Lama, and Andre to be their point man in the States, which I declined for pretty selfish reasons. I figure the least I can do is point people in their direction once a year. 

The third is a page that I set up with my photos from the protests that I got caught up in. A week after I took these the cops came looking for me. Thankfully I got a heads up from my landlady before they found me and I was able to get to the American consulate before I turned myself in. If they hadnt gotten the call from the consulate first, I am not sure if things would have been handled as cordially as they were. 

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