Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Financial Hand Testimonial

I have been getting some feedback in from the Financial Hands already. 

This one arrived today and is posted here with permission:

"Hello, Jason:
There must be something to your Magic Hand; because in this time of layoffs - the company I work for being no exception in any small measure - I received a $1500 bonus check today. I feel a little guilty while folks are being laid off around me, but I appreciate the gift nonetheless, and realize the MH's potency.  The magic worked two-folds for me.  One, I recieved extra monies from the most unlikeliest source. And two, I get to keep my job for the time being.
So thanks, Jason.
I look forward to your book, your 52 week thing you're working on....and I won't fail to mention your Magic Hand and website to others.
Much appreciations...."

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