Friday, March 6, 2009

Magick Fail or Success?

At my day job there were rumors of lay-offs, so naturally I did some mojo to protect myself (EMAHO! DZAMBHALA MARPO!) and I was protected from the lay-off.

What I was not protected from is the hour/salary reduction that hit everyone left. So I ask you, was this magick pass or magick fail? Even though its gonna sting (badly) I chalk it up as a success because the hour and salary cuts were accross the board, and its supposedly only till Sept 1, which I will believe on september 2nd and not before...


Frater BH said...

The problem I have in detrmining that is you dont' know where you started. If you were always in the no lay off box, all you can say is the magick didn't hurt. IF you know you were in the lay off category, it was a major success.

Fr. Ausharrenwille said...

Eh, If your intent was to not get laid off, put one in the win column.

wind said...
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wind said...

As usual, life not being a laboratory, it's just too damn complicated to say if the magickal effort had an influence or if you're still employed because of something mundane like being good at your job or people enjoying having you around, or even fearing that you will curse them or go postal if they lay you off :) So many causes and conditions for every event.

Ronald said...

Magick energy isn't limited to sequential time. Any cross time actions could have been accounted for. You wanted your job saved. You weren't thinking of it being free of pay cuts.

You succeded. You just didn't think of all the ramificiations of what that success would lead to.

Rufus Opus said...

See, this is what happens to me all the time. I'm forever learning "Be Specific," but the "unknown-unknowns" bite me in the ass. How are we supposed to be specific about what we don't know is going to happen?

Divination is supposed to be a mitigation strategy to avoid things like this, but I don't have time to divine what's coming up all the time. Maybe I should do a "two week outlook" report on my life, a reading once a week that tells me what's coming up in the next couple of weeks, and also puts the last week into context. If something shows up, I can focus on that for further clarification.

Qabalier said...

That kind of retroactive effect seems to happen a lot with healing, the doctors suddenly concluding the first diagnosis was a mistake etc.

Deciding on the appropiate level of detail in visualizations, statements of intent etc. seems to be a tricky thing, I guess it would be the same as with love spells.
Divination may well be a way around that - but then, that may depend on how deterministic things are supposed to be :) -

Jow said...

I'd say a success, as if no one got pay cuts there would most likely either be less jobs to go around, or no jobs for anyone.

Hell, the pay cut might have saved your job! ;)

"Smith! Fire twenty people!"

"Sir, how about if I fire five people and cut everyone elss's pay."

"Brilliant, Smith! You do that."

Jason Miller, said...

Yep Jow, that is how I look at it.

Gordon_Finn said...

>>See, this is what happens to me all the time. I'm forever learning "Be Specific," but the "unknown-unknowns" bite me in the ass. How are we supposed to be specific about what we don't know is going to happen?

If you can't see the future or the past, create it. If you don't have precognition or good divinatory skills, write the spell with the specifics you want/don't want. The best would be to take into consideration how what you want is gonna effect the different aspects of your life. But, it's also useful to keep in mind that something is likely in the material world that's gonna be the cause of what you want.

In this case, he wanted his job not cut. That's a good starter. He's got in his mind the idea of him getting word in the present sense that he's keeping his job.

Because magick energy isn't limited to sequential time, any cross time actions could have been accounted for. And that means that something is gonna cause it. Since we aren't gonna need to go back to the primodial ooze, something that could let him keep his job would need to happen that would be a likely factor (pay cuts, some firing) within the area in question.

If you think backwards and figure out the possible causes for what you want, you can say nix to this and yeah to that. When I do spells, I'll often start off with just the desire and broadcast it for maybe a day to a week and as I do, I start thinking of specifics of what I want and what I don't. As time goes on, I'll do full rituals with energy raising and the like every so often, while I learn/figure out more specifics. Sometimes, things change in my life and I gotta adapt what I started doing (or is it just part of the spell I started; who knows)Sometimes, my spells won't come to fruitiion for days or weeks, as I gather specifics and search out spirits to talk to to cover certain areas of things, while others and myself do others.

I've had succeses and failures with the methods, but I've had enough successes to make me want to stick with the idea. I've had very little contact with the spirits of fate/destiny directly, but I want to talk to them next to get their perspective on doing spells and rituals.