Thursday, March 19, 2009

NeuroScience and Contemplative Traditions

Wow. Huge thanks to Vaj for truning me on these links. Just click and watch when you have time. 
Actually, strike that. Make the time. 
Really great stuff. 
Video of Conference Presentations Now Available
Conference videos are available via Google Video. Videos are available for those presenters who have released them for public viewing. Videos for those presentations appearing on the conference schedule, but not listed here, are not available. Follow these links to view videos:

Sunday Afternoon - The Neuroscience of Buddhist Contemplative Practices
Andrew Dreitcer, opening remarks

B. Alan Wallace, presenting
Daniel J. Siegel, responding

Sunday Evening - The Neuroscience of Jewish Contemplative Practices
Rabbi Henoch Dov Hoffman, presenting
Rick Hanson, responding

Monday Morning - The Neuroscience of Christian Centering Prayer
Rick Hanson, "Forming Your Spirit"

Monday Panels - Scientific, Philosophic, Contemplative and Theological Perspectives in Conversation

Group 1
Brent Field
Martinez Hewlett
Greg Peterson

Group 2
William Waldron
Petr Janata
Steve Padilla
Daniel Siegel
Larry Ward

Group 3
Roland Faber
David Roy

Group 4
Ed Bastian

Monday Evening - Developing a Contemplative Mind
Monica A. Coleman, "On Baking and Biking"
Daniel Siegel, responding

Download Conference Papers

Welcome letter by Andrew Dreitcer (20Kb)
Opening Address by Andrew Dreitcer (24Kb)
"Space, Time and Deity: Considerations on Theological Presuppositions of Inquiry" by Roland Faber (26Kb)
"Forming Your Spirit: Practical Ways to Use Brain Science to Cultivate Wholesome States of Mind" by Rick Hanson (78Kb)
"The Neuroscience of Jewish Contemplative Practices" by Rick Hanson (26Kb)
"How might music-related spiritual experiences manifest themselves in the brain?" by Petr Janata (10Mb)
"A Perspective on Neuroscience and Contemplation" by Ben Johnson (24Kb)
"Four Process Observations on Neuroscience & Spiritual Practices" by David E. Roy (68Kb)
"Science and Religion: Mortal Enemies or Synergistic Allies?" by David E. Roy (30Kb)
"A Buddhist Philosophical Critique of Naturalizing Mind" by William S. Waldron (137Kb)
"Climbing Taos Mountain" by Martinez Hewlett (40Kb)

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