Monday, March 23, 2009


Just wanted to mention a couple new blogs that I am adding to the space on the right. 

The first is one that I though I got last time, but apparently forgot:

This one is by my buddie Jow, who shares my deep appreciation for Franz Bardon. Apart from that he is an Omnimancer and a member of a group that practices Arabic magic. 

The next is one written by a dude who I bickered with back and forth before we both realized that we probably agreed more than disagreed on things. 

Strong Bertiaux influence here, and like Bertiaux I can't claim to understand everything he is getting at in a linear fashion, yet I walk away with something each time from reading a post. 


Anonymous said...

Dude! Much appreciated. Hopefully we can find a topic to bicker enjoyably over again soon.

Zandria Zatara said...

Nice! I have been working the pwen chaud system through an initiate of Bertiaux's for about four years now. Kind of taking it in our own direction but trying to stay close to the original intent.

Thanks for the pointer.