Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fideli d' Amore

Hows this for an obscure dream reference? I dreampt last night that I was being initiated into the Fideli d' Amore, the mystical order that Dante belonged to. Though of course I knew about it I havent read about it recently to my knowlege. 

The initiation took place undreground in a catacomb of white archways (which is the first thing that I see when I do my yearly Sirus working, so thats probably where that comes from). Under each of the arches were suspended large calligraphy paintings from Ibn Arabi, which is not totally off according to what I know about the order. I was being taught how to view my wife and children as Sophia to reveal myself as Christ. 

I awoke quite peaceful and had the opportunity to meditate for about an hour and a half this afternoon on the beach, which helped maintain that peace all day long. 


Jason Miller, said...

Turns out there is no script. Every Priest hand does their own copy and changes it within the framework.

I am going to one in Devon PA in a coupel weeks. I shall report back.

Adoniah Carrefour said...

This is intensely interesting. I was discussing the current venus transit with an astrologer friend and I was comparing it to the Revelation sequences which concern the Bride of Christ and the whole Heavenly Marriage thing .. a notion which had been implanted in my brain by Faust earlier last week.

Venus is back tracking through aries right now, retrograde, but when she reaches here direct station she will also be conjunct mars in the last degree of Pisces .. which would be an awesome time to ritualize a thing like that. Interestingly, the station should be about the time you'll be in Devon.

Also, read my blog.