Friday, May 14, 2010

Bonpo Teaching in the Bronx

If you come to this, not only will you get to meet two Bon Khenpo's but my main mentor in all things magic and spiritual: John Myrdhin Reynolds aka Lama Vajranatha.

Himalayan Bon Foundation Presents

The Four Words, Wheel of Bon:
Way of Life and Liberation

By Khenpo Tenpa Yungdrung Rinpoche

Where: Magickal Realms- 409 E 189Th
1 flight up above 2486 Webster Ave Bronx, New York 10458
Times and Dates: Free Public Talk on Himalayan Bon
May 21, 2010 Friday 7pm-9pm Tibetan Bon Teaching
May 22, 2010 Saturday 9am-12noon and 2pm-5pm
Tibetan Bon Teaching May 23, 2010 Sunday 9am-12pm

TO REGISTER: please contact Sandra 917-340-6194 or Rhea at the Magickal Realms 718-892-5350

The Tibetan Bon tradition treasures many teachings pertaining to ancient wisdom and knowledge. These include teachings and practices ranging from temporal well being to profound esoteric spiritual knowledge leading to ultimate liberation and peace.

Practicing Bön is to develop positive attitude and action in general and finding of ones real meaning of life and to reveal the pure, luminous nature of the mind, the Great Perfection.

Originally expounded by Buddha Tonpa Shenrab, the founder of Bön Religion, these Bön teachings are classified in nine levels according to the adapts’ capacity, known as Nine Ways of Bön. These have been preserved in written form known as Bön Kan-gyur, which consists of 178 volumes of manuscript survived from the Chinese cultural revolution and recently published and distributed world wide.

Buddha Tonpa Shenrab summarized his teachings into four Words concerning perfect wisdom of View, righteous Conduct, benevolent Base and skillful Methods called “Four Words Wheel of Bön” as it said:

“Set up the View from the highest point.
Step up the Conduct precisely from the low point.
Generate Great Compassion as the Base.
Practice the Ten Perfections as Method”.

This concise instruction gives comprehensive ways to integrate individuals’ life with spiritual knowledge and experience enabling us to overcome both the temporal and spiritual negative conditions and bring inner peace.

Additional Presenters John Reynolds author of “The Oral Tradition from Zhang-zhung” and “Bonpo Dzogchen Teachings.” Geshe Gelek Jinpa author of “Sacred Landscape and Pilgrimage in Tibet: In Search of the Lost Kingdom of Bon.”

DIRECTIONS: please contact Sandra 917-340-6194 or Rhea at the Magickal Realms 718-892-5350

All proceeds for the retreat are donated to the Himalayan Bon Foundation.
Suggeste Donation of $40 per session. No one will be turned away for lack of Funds.

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D said...

Any chance that they will teach closer to DC? I'd like to go but cannot swing a full weekend away.