Friday, May 14, 2010

The Viability of Vagabonding

Tim has a great post this week entitled Living Well vs Doing Well, but is really about the viability of vagabonding.

I was lucky enough to do this twice in my life and was happy to see a lot of resources at the end of this article dedicated to managing it with a family.

Below are some photos of my own adventures in the Poverty Jet Set. I hope to have many more as soon as the kids get a bit older.


Gordon said...

Poverty Jet Set.

I love it.

C-Style said...

Wonderful adventures! Is that Marie Laveau's tomb in N'awlins?

Jason Miller, said...


Jason Miller, said...

Cant take credit for that neologism. Poverty Jet Set is one of the words that appeared in the margins of Doug Copelands Generation X.