Friday, May 28, 2010

Three Philosophers

Dear Readers

Tonight I intended to treat you to a  really interesting post that touched on Theological and Cosmological themes that have been bandied about this week by RO, Kenaz, and Gordon (who makes me want to just reach across the Atlantic and hug him sometimes his posts are so good). Followed by some answers to the 12 remaining formspring questions in my inbox.


 I decided to try the "Three Philosophers" beer from Ommegang and am now fit shaced.


Frater A.I.T. said...

Why is there no "Best post ever" button on this blog? =)

Jow said...

Jason, I knew i liked you for more than just your savvy magical ways. Your good taste in booze is also endearing!

When Deb was running Saloncon, we picked up a bunch of Three Philosophers for the VIP room, and it was gone by morning, even though we didnt let the band start drinking till AFTER they played their set!

petoskystone said...


Gordon said...

A compliment and a beer recommendation.

What an awesome post.