Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Taoist Yoga

A while ago Gordon had predicted that Chinese magic would be the next big thing in the occult. I don't know whether I agree with that or not, simply because the magic system - even the talismans and spirit work - is so tied to body work that the generally physically lazy western magician set would be hesitant to pick it up.

If you did want to delve into Chinese magic, especially chinese alchemy, let me recomend a book: Taoist Yoga by Lu K'uan Yu. 

My friend Matt (Illustrator of TSS, Expert Sorcerer, Kung-Fu Master, Tattoo Artist, and Philadelphia Flaneur) gave this book to me a while ago when I first started studying the works of Mantak Chia. I have't picked it up until now, but let me just say that I wish I had picked it up immediately.

Taoist Yoga is exactly the kind of book that I love: accessible to readers unfamiliar with the subject matter, yet filled with more information than ten other books combined. If you are interested in Taoist immortality and internal alchemy. This is the place to begin.


Gwynt-Siarad said...

Wow. If Toaism is just now the next big thing in occultism, I am YEARS ahead. I studied that book, and many others, WAY back. Good stuff.

Ron said...

Sounds like this is a good book for helping people work on Level 2.

Jow said...

It is a fantastic book. One of the best and most to the point resources in print. Another good one is "The Jade Emperor's Mind Seal Classic" by Stuart Alve Olsen. Much less detailed but gives a great overview to paths to immortality. And the winner for best Taoism overview is The Shambhalla guide to Taoism by Eva Wong.

I can only get so far in to many schools of Taoist Alchemy.. I adore it, and want to adore it more, but when there is talk about my genitals retracting, and casting out poisonous emotions like joy.. I have to tap out.

The southern schools seem to be much more sex and joy positive, though.

Jason Miller, said...

In a somewhat related note, I think I am going to go see Chen Xiao Wang in August to get a good intro to Tai Chi. Help link some of the body improvements that I have been making to the internal work.