Saturday, May 29, 2010

Is self-initiation... really possible? Just give me a yes or No. lol


But... I can't just give a yes or no.

It really depends upon what you mean by initiation. You cannot mimic a lineage. For instance you cannot self initiate as a Catholic Priest - you need Apostolic Succession. You cannot self-initiate as a Tantrika, you need the Samaya of the Lineage. You cannot self-initiate as a Dzogchenpa, you need the pointing out instructions from someone else.

That said, all of those things are helpful but not necessary for enlightenment or spiritual illumination. For that you were born with everything that you need.

Even if you decide to use methods of a initiatory lineage, you will be doing so out of context. So if you for instance read lots of books on Tantra and decided to make a practice out of what you read you are not a Tantrika, just someone using some of those methods. Those methods may be just as effective for you as they would be for an initiate. I have seen people work that way. But you will not actually be practicing Tantra. The same is true for any lineage that relies upon Apostolic Succession, Baraka, Samaya, etc.

Hope you don't mind the extra explanation.

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