Wednesday, May 26, 2010

LOL@ Ong's Hat! I didn't know anyone else read that shit. Shrooms and sense-dep tanks (I tried to make mine in a bathtub, failed, but had good times) and quantum physics. Doesn't get better. Question: Were you always this cool?

I have very rarely been described as cool.

Even so, as relativly uncool as I am, I was dramatically and tragically even less cool as a teenager. I am sure that anyone the knew me in high school would agree.

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ChandraNova said...

I doubt anyone reading this blog was "cool" as a teen.

The "cool" kids mostly have 5 kids they can't remember the exact parentage of, and work in Tesco/Walmart whatever.

Cool is not automatically & always the same as "alive, doing what I love, and not on veterinary-drugs my best friend sells me at cut rate."

Just sayin'... ;)