Thursday, July 1, 2010

Do you know of any occult techniques to cure social anxiety?

There are lots of types of energy healing that will assist in this. There are also distance methods that can work.

Invocations of Jupiterian energy or interacting with Jupiterian beings can help this immensely as well.

Make sure to follow up with theraputic techniques.

At the moment I am taking no new questions.


V.V.F. said...

Interesting! I deal with social anxiety myself, and Jupiter is the one planetary current I've always had the most trouble with. I would never have made that connection. I'll look into it.

Miss Sugar said...

I do sigil work for this as I recently posted. :) Venus so people like me (part of my social anxiety - zomg! what if no one likes me!) and a protective sigil so people don't like me *too* much a la Fatal Attraction.

Persephone said...

My favorite social anxiety cure is a simple grafting spell from me (I am like the opposite of a person with social anxiety) onto the person with the problem, especially if it's a two way spell (which most grafts are whether you want them to be or not) in which I get something I can really use. Recently I traded an afternoon's worth of mathematical ability for one social event free from anxiety. I did well on the GRE math. 'Nuff said.