Thursday, July 1, 2010

I've seen you mention Robert Bruce several times. I was wondering what your opinion was on his New Energy Ways system of energy work/development, and how it compares/contrasts with other systems you're familiar with. Thanks!

I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, he does some innovative things with it and has built an excellent method for shaking loose the astral body.

On the other hand, he went really far out of his way to deliberately ignore anything "eastern". His explanation of why he did this is unsatifactory, The idea that systems of energy work practiced in the modern day by people in the east is somehow less accessible than things done in Greece thousands of years ago is just silly. In deliberately ignoring eastern energy body work, he re-invents the wheel and while he does put together a good system for astral projection, there is so so so much more.

At the moment I am taking no new questions.


Rufus Opus said...

My experience with Robert Bruce is through someone who was enticed to Work with him extensively, and underwent the kind of abuse that one normally associates with a major cult leader. The astral damage his toxicity (meme points!) had on her took years to undo. He still stalks her, and after seeing me agree with her on some topics on a yahoo group, began sending me emails trying to undermine my respect for her and get me to work for him. Not with him, for him. And I'm totally not even in that whole astral magic scene at all.

Fucking weirded me out. That level of dysfunction is just unnerving.

Based on my limited exposure to him, I'd classify him as a Larvae incarnate. His system may have some good techniques he picked up from others, but I put him in the Robert Zink file, would be cult leader whose stuff would likely leave a taint on my sphere I'm not interested in picking up.


Jason Miller, said...

Good to know.

I havent had any direct experience with him. I like is separation techniques, but that is about it.

Frater A.I.T. said...


Fra get around, bro. I have to start attending Pantheacons or something! Perhaps those of us in the current network could have some sort of gathering? I'll bring punch and pie.

I've found Robert Bruce's energy work system to be spot on; his book Astral Dynamics enabled my first full on projection. His methods are sound, in my experience.

I've never met the fellow, nor known anyone who directly interacted with him. He tried to recruit you to work for him? Stalking folk? That stinks of cult. What a shame.

Rufus Opus said...

AIT, I know, right? Isn't it weird being cool? I mean, honestly? I just write a blog, and people LIKE it. I just talk about what I do and think, and it's interesting to people, and they THANK me. And I get to hang out with awesome people, who ALSO like me and find value in my writing. It's pretty humbling when I think about it.